May 7, 2010

Sometimes a Good Time Is All That is Needed

-FUPPETS- understands that life cannot solely consist of pain and harshness and skronk and loathing and rage and anger and vitriol. There are many other moments in life that call for a GOOD TIME. Not just any good time either, but a goddamn rock n roll GOOD TIME. There once was a band that epitomized this, with all the bombast and pounding drums and wailing fretwork artistry and fat, fat riffs. That band was VAN HALEN. (For purposes of this discussion, the infinitely more pussy and lame Van Hagar will not be mentioned beyond this aside.)

Before the mid-to-late 80's ruined a good time by focusing on the hair and the outfits, and before the 90's totally obliterated the good times by focusing solely on every stupid little bitch-gripe and complaint that some "tortured" fuck thought deserved airing over pedantic riffs, a rock n roll band was supposed to provide pleasure through ROCK. That was the loftiest goal, for if life sucks, what do you want to hear? Losers complaining? NO! You want to rock the fuck out with a band that makes you feel like you are rocking out with the biggest and the best, and in no instance would they let you NOT have a good time. Van Halen were the masters. Having a GOOD TIME never gets old. Bitching and moaning and crying about whatever crap just hurt your feelings gets old instantly.

VAN HALEN - Dance The Night Away

VAN HALEN - Unchained

VAN HALEN - Pretty Woman

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