May 17, 2010

No More Rockin' For Dio

DIO - Rainbow In The Dark (live in Japan)

Ronnie James Dio has died.
-FUPPETS- has but one tale to tell in which the almighty midget of Metal makes an appearance. T'will be told in proper Dio fashion.
T'was a quiet air about that day, a very early morning in fact, a morning yet to see the rays of the new Sun break the dark canopy of nighttime. The Guild of Instigators laid about the carpeted living room, minds slowly unbending from the night's rigors and potions, when the tale was told.
The tale belongs to the mists of legend, to the vague half-memories of truths told not in daylight but in the darkness of a near-dawn. As our protagonists lay, hoping to catch some slumber to rest their weary cerebrums, the tale began. Dio, the self-proclaimed magical dwarf of Metal, sought counsel with the mighty warlock Merlin. Merlin beseeched Dio to pray tell his request. Dio asked the wizened magician to please, please construct him a magical armor, an armor perfectly tailored to Dio's diminutive stature, yet overloaded with all the protection the spells and incantations of the Dark Arts can grant.
The great and powerful Merlin heard this request, thought for a second, looked down upon his petite supplicant, and said "I can't do it. Sorry"
The Guild of Instigators slept well that day, yes they did.

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