Apr 14, 2010

RECORD STORE DAY 2010 is fast approaching!

-FUPPETS- shouts, "HELL YEAH!!" It is indeed going to be a beautiful day this Saturday, April 17th. What awaits the music lover on this day is the 2010 version of Record Store Day! It is a day to celebrate the local record store owners and clerks who make the browsing experience so delicious. While most people seek their music on the meta-inter-webs, there still exist people who want first-hand, real-world sensations. These people, wholly supported by -FUPPETS-, want to talk to real people, browse through real records, both new and old, and experience the communing with music that brings true sensory joy.
What is most wonderful about Record Store Day is that record labels plan certain tasty releases to entice the music lovers. It is quite a list, and some items may not be available at every record store participating. The available loot includes everything from L.P.'s, to 7" singles, to CD's and box sets.

To download a .pdf document listing all the Record Store Day releases, click here.

To see an HTML version of this list, click here.

To see a list including visuals of the items for sale, click here.

As always, -FUPPETS- House Band SONIC YOUTH is represented at Record Store Day. These are the items available from Sonic Youth.

CONFUSION IS SEX - White Vinyl re-issue (limited to 1500)

EVOL - Pink Vinyl re-issue (limited to 1500)

HITS ARE FOR SQUARES - Double LP re-issue

There are so many other top-shelf selections from so many different artists. Something for everyone! So click on the Record Store Day banner above and find out which stores near you are participating!

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