Apr 30, 2010

-FUPPETS- Knows Music is All That Matters

What else is there? Sure, you may say that there is a LOT else out there that matters, but -FUPPETS- would rebuke you with a mad-quick bitch-slap to the left temple. Only a FOOL would say such a stupid thing. Music is everything. Music is the be-all and the end-all of existence. Many philosophers have set the foundation of reality as music, and physicists studying the muddle world of hyper-dimensional super string theory have posited that vibrating strings make up the very fundamental basis of all matter and energy in the Meta-Universe. Whether this is true or not, it inspires -FUPPETS- to praise music as the one true source of all human happiness. Music may have been created by humans before language! There is neurological evidence for this.


ERIC'S TRIP - Viewmaster


SEBADOH - Not Too Amused


What was that you just said?
That didn't make any sense to me
It's not the way I see it, man
I'm almost tired of listening to you
Why do you tie me up with words?
The way your eye shifts makes me wanna go
Black-jawed living room couch professor
When will you be through with me? I'd like to know
Everywhere I go I feel it
But I won't talk, I won't get stuck with you
Everyone's so lonely I dig it
But I'm afraid I can't share this with you
So don't make me your captive
I don't feel like talking your shit
I nod my broken head
I'm not too amused with humans

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