Apr 23, 2010


Did you know that you are a spoiled bastard? Did you ever stop to think how fucking lucky you are to live somewhere where you can access not only the internet, but books and history and writing from all parts of the world? This is not the truth for everyone. In many parts of the world information, literature, and history are determined solely by what a government wishes it's people to know. For all the faults of the so-called "Western World," it is still a very open world, one which allows it's citizenry to read and learn and experience the wisdom of the ages through books. Look at George Orwell up above. That bad-ass is getting a samurai sword ready so he can disembowel the fucks in the Arab world, North Korea, and China that still, in the year 2010, continue to ban the dissemination of his anti-totalitarian, anti-fascist, anti-authoritarian masterpiece ANIMAL FARM. Amazing how much these assholes fear a "simple" book, huh? Does that not make you understand the power of words? Can you not see how important it is to not only read all the time, but to ensure that others are able to do so as well? -FUPPETS- thinks that the best psy-ops project ever would be to print cheap copies of Animal Farm in Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, etc., and airdrop the things like they used to do with propaganda leaflets in WWII. Sure those bastard governments would be able to round up many of the copies, but enough would survive and be hidden away to cause a great disturbance in the minds of the oppressed people of the world. -FUPPETS- would also like to ensure Animal Farm is required reading in USA schools, both at a young age, and then again in high school when the deeper heavy themes can be more generously explored. People everywhere need to wake the fuck up. Tyranny exists because we let it. Information is the weapon to fight it. ANIMAL FARM: Still outlawed by regimes around the world, Animal Farm has always been political dynamite – so much so, it was nearly never published. Christopher Hitchens on George Orwell's timeless, transcendent 'fairy story' - ( Christopher Hitchens - Guardian UK ) The SIMPLICITY MOVEMENT asks for, well, simplicity, if you are rich enough to afford it. - ( Charlotte Allen - In Character ) PRESIDENTIAL READING: For Obama and past presidents, the books they read shape policies and perceptions - ( Tevi Troy - Washington Post ) After 70 years in a bank vault, Paris art dealer Ambroise Vollard's collection goes on sale. - ( Michael Posner - The Globe & Mail ) McLaren & Meyer & Rotten & Vicious & Me: Roger Ebert recalls Russ Meyer's request to have him write a Sex Pistols movie back in 1977. - ( Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun-Times ) UP FROM SLAVERY: There's no such thing as a Golden Age of lost liberty. - ( David Boaz - Reason )

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