Apr 6, 2010

Friends of -FUPPETS- Taking Cares Biz-Nazz

-FUPPETS- is quite fortunate to have connections out in the metaverse with creative, intelligent, and downright kick-ass people. Without people such as these life would not be as enjoyable, nor would it rock as much as it does.

One of -FUPPETS- Favorites, the blog Trapper Jenn M.D., is currently in the process of posting what will amount to a magnificent set of reviews for nearly every item in the Sonic Youth discography, and you know how -FUPPETS- feels about the -FUPPETS- House Band. Trapper Jenn M.D. writer JennTheBenn, author of No Set List: Pieces of a Sonic Life, has just posted the introduction to this amazing set of reviews, which she has been promising for a while now. -FUPPETS- cannot wait.

In other news, a newly added -FUPPETS- Favorite, Annet's Playground, is constantly updating and adding beautiful artwork, including sketches, photographs, drawings, sculpture, etc. The blog's writer, Anneke Caramin, is also the artist behind much of the artwork featured in Annet's Playground. It is definitely worth a weekly visit, for she is a bad-ass. Of course, she is also a huge Sonic Youth fanatic. -FUPPETS- would not have it any other way.

To celebrate these labors of love, -FUPPETS- brings you a clip of Beavis & Butthead making fun of Sonic Youth's video for the song BULL IN THE HEATHER.

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