Feb 23, 2010

Lee Is Free

Founding member of -FUPPETS- House Band, SONIC YOUTH, Lee Ranaldo is known as a magnificent creator of some of the most skreelicious and skronktastic sounds ever to come from an electric guitar. This past Sunday, Lee Ranaldo performed a 4-hour guitar drone piece at the Hogar Collection in Brooklyn NY. It was a celebration in honor of the closing of the exhibition currently on view there, Lee Ranaldo: a random collection of cells.
Georgekrz, standing member of the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum, provided a small description of the proceedings:

yes. I was 10 minutes late, but Lee finished 10 minutes early so it sort of evened out? There was very very little down time in that performance, maybe 2 short breaks to stretch legs (though the sound loops never stopped) There was also a guy on a laptop live mixing, though I missed his name. It was a tremendously tremendous performance. Plus the gallery was very nice to to supply us with complimentary beers. It finished in murky darkness lights out sun down.

Lee himself, under his Sonic Gossip moniker Lee Is Free, posted this as well.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gallery to hear the music and see the show--it was pretty intense to conceptualize a performance that stretched 4 hours without any really significant breaks. The live sound processing was by Damian Catera--our first time working together after many years. I'll try to post some pictures if i can figure out how... - LR
Lee Ranaldo, being the bad-ass motherfucker that he is, also provided a short clip of part of his 4-hour performance.

A Random Collection of Scenes from a Performance by Lee Ranaldo at Hogar Collection

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