Feb 4, 2010


-FUPPETS- loves the sport of American Football. American Football is a collision chess match between coaches, the Offensive coach on one side versus the Defensive coach on the other and vice versa. It is at the same time, the most violent and most cerebral of team sports. Because of this, it has sparked the imaginations of sportswriters for over a hundred years, from the days of coal-town's fielding teams from the different coal companies to Ivy League college teams gaining national glory to today, where the National Football League is the single most popular and profitable sports league in the USA. With the Super Bowl about to take place in Miami this Sunday, -FUPPETS- brings you some reading material regarding the greatest sport there is. HOW NFL FILMS TRANSFORMED FOOTBALL - ( Joe Posnanski - Sports Illustrated ) THE LOST NFL CHAMPIONSHIP: 1925 Pottsville Maroons - ( Daniel Klaback - Bleacher Report ) THE TEN MOST PASSIONATE FAN BASES IN THE NFL - ( Bryn Swartz - Bleacher Report ) SAINTHOOD: New Orleans never hides it's passion for it's pro football team. - ( Tim Layden - Sports Illustrated ) THE POWER OF PEYTON: The Saints must fear what the Jets found out—that for the Colts' quarterback, the will to win is indomitable. - ( Lee Jenkins - Sports Illustrated )

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