Feb 2, 2010

30,000 -FUPPETS-

-FUPPETS- has broached the 30,000 hits milestone. In honor of this most august occasion,
-FUPPETS- brings you 30,000 bottle rocket fireworks being launched at one time. It really gets insane around the 1:45 mark.

Once again, -FUPPETS- would like to thank any and all people whose fingers have clicked their way over to this dank corner of the internet metawebs, and whose eyes have perused the content within. You are much appreciated, for a soap-box is nothing without an audience.

Let everyone rejoice with the one and only -FUPPETS- House Band, SONIC YOUTH, kicking out the motherfucking jams on a live version of their classic skronk-heavy rocker, Drunken Butterfly.

SONIC YOUTH - Drunken Butterfly

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