Jan 13, 2010

SHELLAC Appears on Animal Planet's DOGS 101

Idiosyncratic rock band SHELLAC, one of -FUPPETS- favorite riff-meisters, never fail to surprise. Whether it is one of their rare and random concert gigs, one of their super-limited release recordings made just for personal friends, or the release of a new immaculately designed and constructed vinyl L.P., the members of SHELLAC, Bob Weston, Todd Trainer, and Steve Albini, do things their way. For this -FUPPETS- respects the hell out of them.

Imagine -FUPPETS- surprise when, in the middle of an Animal Planet series titled Dogs 101, who should appear but Todd Trainer, and his band mates, in a segment discussing Todd's favorite breed, and cover model for their latest album, the Italian Greyhound. Here is a picture of Uffizi on the front and back of the LP just mentioned.

It is a rare thing indeed to find even the smallest mention of Shellac on mainstream media outlets, and so it was with great wonderment that -FUPPETS- enjoyed the following segment of Dogs 101.

Here is a fan video of one of Shellac's greatest songs.

SHELLAC - My Black Ass

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