Jan 27, 2010

Is SONIC YOUTH Prophetic?

-FUPPETS- House Band, SONIC YOUTH, have always been known for their skronk, and their artsy-fartsy-ness, both of which -FUPPETS- requires. The one thing that Sonic Youth has not been known for is prophetic powers, but that may soon change.
StevOK, one of the stalwart sonic mystics over at the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum, has provided -FUPPETS- with possible evidence of this prophetic ability. One o the most beloved, and also one of the longest, songs that Sonic Youth have released is a track called The Diamond Sea. It is a magnificent track, with a 20 minute long noise/skronk/skree coda to end the damn thing. It is a mindfuck for sure.
-FUPPETS- has long held this song to be an allusion to the state of marriage, but StevOK has provided -FUPPETS- with some interesting possibilities.

The planets Neptune and Uranus may actually have oceans of liquid diamond! Amazing! The image above is of Neptune.

Scientists zapped diamond with a laser at pressures 40 million times greater than the Earth's atmosphere at sea level, and then slowly reduced both temperature and pressure. They eventually found that diamond behaves like water during freezing and melting, and that chunks of diamond will float in the liquid diamond. - ( Jeremy Hsu - PopSci )

Oceans of liquid diamond, containing "icebergs" of solid diamond, sounds like an insane idea, but the kicker is that this property of diamond would help explain why the magnetic fields of Neptune and Uranus appear to be, from our vantage point, skewed very far off their north/south axis. Diamond, especially diamond in a liquid state, is quite a powerful magnetic resonator.
To verify this will take an un-manned exploratory vehicle to head out to the planets and actually land on them, in order to physically test this theory. A trip such as that would take around 10 years for a vehicle to make. -FUPPETS- proposes that, if this vehicle is indeed built and launched, it be named the Sonic Youth, in honor of the prophetic musical geniuses -FUPPETS- loves.

In honor of this possibility, -FUPPETS- brings you the one and only Sonic Youth, performning The Diamond Sea live on French television.

SONIC YOUTH - The Diamond Sea

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