Dec 17, 2009


Thirty-one attempts at shooting some data into your cerebral cortex. Amazing how the time flies. -FUPPETS- wants to thank the above-pictured gentleman, Miguel de Cervantes Saavreda, for essentially creating the modern novel form, which is still heavily influential today, with his Magnum Opus, Don Quixote. And now, to the articles.

IN DEFENSE OF FOXHOLE ATHEISTS: It’s no secret that conservative Christians dominate the U.S. military, but when higher-ups start talking about conversion missions, it’s time to worry. The author meets a group of soldiers who aren’t having it. - ( Christopher Hitchens - Vanity Fair )

'THE COMPLETE FAIRY TALES' BY CHARLES PERRAULT: With illustrations by Gustave Dore, this edition shows how the gruesome worlds of fairy tales actually give us a glimpse into the harsh realities of another era. - ( Jamie James - Los Angeles Times )

THE NOUGHTIES: A Fond(ish) Farewell - ( Toby Young - Telegraph UK )

IT SEEMS BIOLOGY (NOT RELIGION) EQUALS MORALITY: Blame nurture, not nature, for our moral atrocities against humanity. And blame educated partiality more generally, as this allows us to lump into one category all those who fail to acknowledge our shared humanity and fail to use secular reasoning to practise compassion. - ( Marc D. Hauser - The Edge )

KANDINSKY: The Circular Logic Of The Universe - ( Natalie Angier - The New York Times )

THE ART MARKET EXPLAINED: Why The Bubble Won't Pop for Pop - ( James Panero - The New Criterion )

COMPOSER REINVENTS THE PIANO: 'Fluid' instrument allows pianists to alter sound before or while they play. - ( Mark Brown - The Guardian )

- ( Evan R. Goldstein - The Chronicle of Higher Education )

CAN I BE COMPLIMENTARY, MY DEAR WATSON?: We celebrate flashy, insensitive Holmes, but it’s his sidekick’s common sense, bravery and friendship that we should admire. - ( Ben MacIntyre - Times Online )

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