Dec 10, 2009

Bert Hickman Captures Lightning

-FUPPETS- loves anytime the two worlds of Science and Art collide, since these are the two endeavors most dear to the -FUPPETS- heart.
Artist Bert Hickman has fugured out how to capture what looks like frozen lightning in acrylic blocks.

The amazing artwork above is actually a solid block of acrylic, which Bert Hickman blasts with a 2.5 million volt particle accelerator. This creates what are called Lichtenberg Figures, named after the scientist who first discovered this effect in 1777. His name was George Christoph Lichtenberg. In 1777, he created a device which built up large amounts of static electricity, which he then discharged in a high voltage point near an insulator, which traced these fractal patterns onto dust fixed in place. Amazing!

Bert Hickman sells these bad-ass acrylic art pieces on his website.

Here is a short video describing his techniques.

If anyone is down with buying -FUPPETS- a Christmas present, a small lightning storm in acrylic would be much appreciated. Ha!!!!!

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