Dec 7, 2009

Barrel Man is Dead. Long Live Barrel Man

One of the very entertaining aspects of National Football League fandom are the fanatics who become famous in football circles for their die-hard loyalty to their teams, especially when it involves a creative or unusual costume to wear to every home game.
There are many such fans, and they usually come in bunches, like the insane members of the Oakland Raiders' infamous BLACK HOLE. These guys dress in evil costumes and are a threat to throw a full, cold beer, on any opposing player that dares come near their section of seats. The hilarious thing is that their costumes all got started when the Raiders hosted a game on Halloween one Sunday in the 80's, and fans showed up in these silver and black freakout costumes!

Another group of famous fans are the Cleveland Browns DOG POUND. These guys wear dog masks, and bark loudly anytime the Browns do anything of note.

Originally, the Dog Pound was a flat area, with no seats, with a chain link fence separating it from the playing field, at the old Cleveland Browns Municipal stadium. It was standing room only, and insane.

When they built their new stadium they christened the area by the end zone as the new Dog Pound.

The really interesting cats are the ones who dress up by themselves, just to dress up crazy, and who are dedicated season-ticket holders, there every game, win or lose. One of these men, was the Denver Bronco's BARREL MAN.

Barrel Man was a fixture at Denver Broncos games for over three decades. This past Saturday he died. It is strange how the passing of someone whom one never knew can make one feel sadness and regret. It is these weird characters, these Uber-fanatics, that first ingrained the NFL into the -FUPPETS- memory-core. His real name was Tim McKernan and he was 69 years old. The man loved to dress in nothing but his hat, his boots, and that aluminum Bronco's barrel, even in the coldest of cold winter days at Mile High Stadium. This all started as a $10 bet with his brother, that he would not wear the barrel to a game. His passion was inspiring the home crowd to a fever pitch, to support their Denver Broncos.
The guy was so beloved he even got his own bobble-head doll.

Barrel Man will be missed by -FUPPETS- and by all true NFL football fanatics out there.

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