Nov 2, 2009


-FUPPETS- loves the Mars Rovers.

The Mars Rover named Spirit, stuck in deep Martian sands since April, is going through what scientists deem Amnesia events. The Flash memory that stores observational data for the Rover before it goes into it's nightly "hibernation" cycle is suffering from something, maybe power outages, that are not allowing the Rover to store data overnight during it's "sleep."
There are other data storage options on Spirit but they require the Rover to send all it's data to Earth before it goes into it's sleep cycle. Something similar occurred a few months ago.
NASA scientists have been using a Rover double to practice different techniques to extricate Spirit from it's sandy trap. It is a painstaking effort and hopefully it will pay off soon. The current problems with the memory have made this a tricky proposition.
Spirit and it's twin Opportunity have been roaming around on Mars since 2004. Originally slated to have a 90- day "life," these rovers are so very well constructed and engineered that they have managed to survive 6 Martian winters! -FUPPETS- loves that!

HERE is a great F.A.Q. for information on the two Rovers where Mars rover engineer Ashley Stroupe answers people's questions.

NASA also has a website entitled FREE SPIRIT, which is seeking any ideas to help extricate this Rover.
This is an image from earlier in October of the sand that Spirit is stuck in.

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