Nov 11, 2009


-FUPPETS- dedicates today's installment of VIDEOS OF THE DAY to that venerable rock band format, the power trio. Normally consisting of a drummer, a bass player, and a guitarist, this can be the meanest and leanest, yet tightest and loudest, rock band format there is, and also it's most intimate. Vocal duties are usually covered by the guitarist or bassist, but every once in a while you find a funky act that kicks the lyrics over to the drummer. This usually means the drummer sucks and plays very standard beats, you know, shit he can play in his sleep. It is hard to play an instrument and sing at the same time, and doubly hard to play a drum set, using both feet and hands, and sing a song. There are many, many power trios out there, too many to post videos for all of them, but this is a tasty sampling.

The MINUTEMEN - Little Man With a Gun In His Hand
Our first power trio is the classic and under-appreciated group from San Pedro California. They were punks before punk was codified into a fashion subculture. They jammed Econo, doing it themselves and fighting the good fight for all the true disenfranchised punks out there.

Oh Jimi, you were around for far too short a time. The Experience, two British cats and an American guitar god named Jimi Hendrix, played stomping blues rock, psychedelia, blues, and just blasted people's shit out their asses on a regular basis. They have all passed away now, so all we have are their albums and recordings such as this live performance in Stockholm.

PRIMUS - John The Fisherman
From the twisted mind of Les Claypool came Primus, a power trio consisting of some phenomenally gifted musicians, who also happened to share a love for the truly absurd. Their music began as aggressive, heavy freak-rock and over time moved on to noodley space-funk. This song is a nasal ode to a dedicated fisherman.

SHELLAC - Steady As She Goes
Maybe the greatest power-trio supergroup there ever was, Steve Albini, Bob Weston and Todd Trainer are Shellac. They tour when they want to. They record when they want to. They take no shit from anyone in the recording industry and they will melt your fucking face off with the best kind of guitar heaviness and skronk that money can buy.

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