Nov 17, 2009

-FUPPETS- Videos of The Day: Power Trios (Part 2)

Ahhh the power trio. There is something primal about the three-headed hydra we know as a power trio. It breeds magic, and makes for some of the tightest tunes this side of Mama Cass' panty's waistband. In Part 2 of -FUPPETS- foray into the classic videos of power trio masters, we start off with the classic ZZ Top.

ZZ TOP - Tush
ZZ Top have ruled the world for almost 40 years now, and they will never stop with their infections stomp boogie blues rock.

MOTORHEAD - Eat The Rich
Motorhead made a name for themselves by declaring they wanted to be the loudest, ugliest rock n roll band in existance. They wanted Motorhead to be the band that, if they moved in next door to you, your lawn would die.

The Violent Femmes played a warped, country-esque, acoustic punk that shaped countless teen lives. Sissies with attitude.

HUSKER DU - Makes No Sense At All
Husker Du were so amazingly great. They are one of the true classic monsters of what was known as alternative/college rock. -FUPPETS- has much love for the Husker Du.

Dinosaur Jr are an aural monolith, blasting your brain right through the back of your skull with skronk and sonic life.

The Melvins will set you straight. They will drive a wedge between you and all that bullshit you listen to. They will proclaim in heavy tones that they are the undisputed masters. You may not be worthy.

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