Nov 3, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XXIX

Twenty-Nine. In Roman Numerals, that is XXIX. Of all the methods of communication available to humans, -FUPPETS- praises the written word above all. The amount and depth of information available from written text is overwhelming, especially to those sad fucks that never read jack shit. It is a sad state indeed when alliterate bastards out breed the literate ones.

-FUPPETS- does not think that these bastiches will ensure their children have books to grow up with. That means yet another generation will grow up with easily molded minds, controlled by the assholes. All you literate folk out in the world, start makin' babies, damn it! The morons have a head start!

BOUND UP IN BOOKS - ( David Mehegan - Boston Globe )

DVR, Once TV’s Mortal Foe, Helps Ratings - ( Bill Carter - New York Times )

THE SECRET BEHIND MONA LISA'S ENIGMATIC SMILE: Scientists believe it changes depending on which part of the eye sees it first. - ( Richard Alleyne - Telegraph UK )

THE COSMOPOLITAN TONGUE: The universality of English - ( John McWhorter - World Affairs Journal )

MONSTERS & THE MORAL IMAGINATION - ( Stephen T. Asma - Chronicle Of Higher Education )

THE MYSTERY OF MUSIC: What about it has such power over human beings? - ( Terry Teachout - Wall Street Journal )

A WORLD REDRAWN: When America showed up on a map, it was the Universe that got transformed. - ( Toby Lester - Boston Globe )

OFFENSIVE PLAY: How different are dogfighting and football? - ( Malcolm Gladwell - The New Yorker )

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