Oct 27, 2009

Scientologists Run Scared

The above video is a segment from an ABC Special titled "Inside Scientology."
While the interviewer, Bashir, is known as a blowhard, it appears that he is very composed and calm when asking this Church of Scientology representative some very basic and honest questions about the Church's central beliefs, especially as they relate to their belief that billions and trillions of years ago an alien named Xenu tortured sentient beings and placed them around volcanoes on Earth, and then killed them all off with nuclear weapons, which have tortured humanity's pure hearts ever since. (read more about this nonsense here.)
That may sound ridiculous, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cult of Scientology and the bullshit they espouse. The representative gets very flustered and actually rips off his microphone and leaves the interview.

In France, the Cult of Scientology lost a landmark fraud case levelled against the cult by former members in France.

The plaintiffs focused their complaints on the use of a device that Scientologists say measures spiritual well-being. Members used the electropsychometer, or E-Meter, to "locate areas of spiritual duress or travail so they can be addressed and handled," according to Scientology's Web site.
The plaintiffs said that, after using the device, they were encouraged to pay for vitamins and books. They said that amounted to fraud. - ( CNN )

In other recent news, the Oscar-winning director of the acclaimed movie CRASH, Paul Haggis, announced that he had left the cult of Scientology. The letter, in which he detailed his problems with the cult of Scientology, was leaked to the anti-scientology website scientology-cult.com and is available here.

Operation Clambake, over at xenu.net, is a great resource for all things anti-scientology.

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