Sep 25, 2009


Opa! Hell yes! The weather is shifting and the coolness is settling in and September is winding to a close and that can only mean one thing, Houston's ORIGINAL GREEK FESTIVAL is near!!!!!!
This event, the 43rd annual Greek Festival, is always one of the highlights of the year in Houston, as the local Greek community opens it's cathedral doors to everyone who wishes to have a great time, eat amazingly fresh and delicious home-made food, drink sweet Greek wine, shop for imported Greek goods ranging from jewelry to religious icons to clothing to delicacies from all over the Mediterranean.
-FUPPETS- favorite Souvlaki, grilled over open flames, releases the most delicious aroma into the air.

Not only are there amazing delights for the taste buds, but Greek music is playing throughout, Greek dances are performed hourly, by both adults and children in traditional costumes, and the gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS GREEK WOMEN are a feast for the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! Heartbreakingly beautiful Greek women abound at this festival. You will not be disappointed. the people watching is always great here.
Everyone is welcome, and it is always a great mix of people's from the entire world. Houston is an extremely cosmopolitan city and it is evident at the Greek festival that people the world over love them some Greek delights!
Due to the economic times tickets have gone up in price, but $5 is not much to pay for a day of fun. Remember to save room for the pastries, and get them early as they run out by noon Sunday! -FUPPETS- cannot wait! Also, if you love coffee, the Greek Coffee they sell is gonna blow your freakin' mind!

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