Sep 8, 2009

Anthony Joseph Lanman Does It Again - Synaesthesiac

Anthony Joseph Lanman is -FUPPETS- favorite modern composer. His compositions are ornate yet primal, and can take you to new heights in eargasms.
His newest piece is titled Synaesthesiac, and this is how he describes it.
Synaesthesiac represents my ideal for moving forward to the orchestra of the 21st century, and away from 19th century conventions. The piece is scored for standard orchestra, with the addition of an amplified trio of electric guitar, harp and piano. In an almost concerto grosso-like texture, the trios sound is meant to meld and blur into itself, with the orchestra as its accompaniment. Fierce, colorful, delicate and kaleidoscopic, Synaesthesiac is the aural embodiment of sounds becoming colors, and colors becoming sound. - ( Anthony Joseph Lanman )

To read the official Program Note and to hear audio of the Intro to Synaesthesiac, click here :
From there you can also find links to his other works, many with audio samples, and with scores available for purchase.

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