Aug 6, 2009


This Saturday is the 46th Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. For die-hard football fans it is the most grand and emotional event in the "football calendar." The ceremonies are the Alpha and the Super Bowl is the Omega, bookending the NFL season. Each year up to 6 enshrinees are elected to enter the HoF. This year's batch is stellar as always, includes a Gold Medalist, and heavy on defense, much to -FUPPETS- delight!

Bob Hayes (WR) - Cowboys, 49er's
Randall McDaniel (G) - Vikings, Buccaneers
Bruce Smith (DE) - Bills, Redskins
Derrick Thomas (LB) - Chiefs
Ralph Wilson Jr. (Owner) - Bills
Rod Woodson (CB/SS) - Raiders, Steelers, 49'ers, Ravens

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio and is a mecca for the giridon faithful. The emphasis is strictly on FOOTBALL and not on flash or the ridiculously sensational. The exhibits are right in your face: Dick Butkus' jersey, Earl Campbell's helmet, legendary items from the early years, Coach Lombardi's hat. It is truly awesome and respectful, and respected. The people visiting the HoF are truly fans, and venerate the items for the memories they bring back as well as the connection that is made to the men who once played the game, and did it better than anyone else in the game.

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