Aug 20, 2009


The heat of summer appears to be decreasing. The days are getting a little bit shorter. The rainy season will soon be upon us. The signs all point to one of the most blessed events in the sports calendar, the start of the National Football League 2009 season! Yay!
It has been 6 long months of darkness, of desultory awakenings and obligatory excursions into the world outside. The palpable dread that hangs over the air will soon be lifted. The joy of life will soon return and all will be well, for we are about to enter the "manic" part of the year, and soon to leave the "depressive" part. Who needs brain altering medications when we have the love of American Football to spur us along and give us fleeting joy while on our grim march towards inevitable death?
The collisions are coming. The athletic ballet of pain is coming. The bull rush of giant monster men exploding towards each other in a controlled chaos is soon to arrive. Lock up the mentally feeble and the emotionally wrecked, for this is the time when the vicious reign supreme.
-FUPPETS- cannot wait.
Pictured above are last year's NFL champions, the Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers.
Below, check out a video clip of Jerron Gilbert, of the Chicago Bears, jumping out of a swimming pool. The man can squat 635 lbs and dead lift 655 lbs. He is a defensive lineman. Amazing!

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