Aug 29, 2009


Today is the Melvins. They were there grinding your face and brain into the maw of a riff piledriver early on and they are still as powerful, if not more so, than ever. Here is a -FUPPETS- Tribute To The Melvins.

ZODIAC (live 2003) This song off of the early album Bullhead, is so amazing. There are moments on it where the hair literally stands up on the back of the neck. Oooohhhhhhhh yeeaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Overwhelmingly Great. It ends with a quick interview.

Even from the beginning they were sick. Check out this TV appearance from 1984!!

THE MELVINS - With Teeth. This song is off the Lysol album which is a raw motherfucker.

THE MELVINS - It's Shoved. From Bullhead, this is a balls to the wall blast of pure heavy bliss.

THE MELVINS - Boris. Another early classic, let the shit build up and up and up and ride the darker wave cuz damn this song is sick.

THE MELVINS - At A Crawl. And finally, a malevolent beast that creeps up on you as only a sonic sledghammer can. This one is from an early album called Ozma.

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