Aug 11, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XXVI

Twenty-Six. Twenty-six times -FUPPETS- has cajoled you and extolled the virtues of reading. Twenty-six times has -FUPPETS- dredged up interesting and informative articles for your perusal. You should consider yourself lucky. No one else is taking care of you like -FUPPETS- is. No one else cares, really. They WANT you to be stupid. They WANT you to never think critically. They WANT you to lose your curiosity, for then and only then do they have you right where they want you. Stupid, blind, idiot sheep are far easier to control. They ask no questions and accept all answers as gospel truth. Don't be one of the sheep. It is never too late to change. They don't want you to know that.

THE LOST ART OF READING: The relentless cacophony that is life in the 21st century can make settling in with a book difficult even for lifelong readers and those who are paid to do it. - ( David L. Ulin - L.A. Times )

HOW IS AMERICA GOING TO END?: The world's leading futurologists have four theories. - ( Josh Levin - Slate )

DO SHAMANS HAVE MORE SEX?: New Age spirituality is no more pure than old-time religion. - ( Robert Wright - Slate )

MYSTICISM & LOGIC - ( Bertrand Russell - English Atheist )
(*Thanks to Spike for the article)


OPEN BOOK: Philip Marchand on how fantasy took over science fiction - ( Phillip Marchand - National Post )

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