Jul 27, 2009

Ruminations On Death & The Transcience Of Life

Death appears to be pre-programmed in nearly every single living organism around. The only exception seems to be bacteria. When bacteria reproduce, they do not procreate like many other creatures. They instead divide their DNA up in half, and split into two new bacteria. Barring any external hardship or trauma, a bacterium essentially lives forever, constantly splitting itself into two new versions of itself.

While the idea of bacterial consciousness seems to be ridiculous, it has been shown that collectively, millions of bacteria do communicate with each other chemically and can act as a greater organism in some instances. The individual bacterium however, has no brain, no nerve cells, no digestive system. It is but a one celled organism. Do the two offspring bacteria remember being a single bacteria? Probably not, but that one bacteria never really actually DIES.
Other than this and similar examples, everything dies. That which is born will also die. Two halves of the same coin of life. As one gets older and becomes more aware of a greater number of specific fellow humans in the world, it seems that, more and more, the people who die and are discussed in the news are people one "knows," or at least has heard of.

With the annual summer DROP-DEADS in full effect for 2009, here is a roll-call of the newly departed that somehow found their way into the -FUPPETS- cerebral cortex.


-FUPPETS- remembers Coach Daly fondly. His Detroit Pistons were a force in the NBA and truly earned their nickname, "Bad Boys." Back-to-back championship seasons cemented his place among the NBA's coaching greats, not to mention his Olympic Gold Medal winning DREAM TEAM. People say that teams take on the personality traits of their leader, and, if so, then Coach Daly was indeed one bad mo-fo you did not want to mess with.


Mr. Eddings was a novelist in the realm of fantasy fiction, and wrote many books just perfect for escaping the day to day bullshit we all encounter ourselves in. If the main goal of a story writer is to transport readers to a world of their creation, the David Eddings was very successful indeed.


-FUPPETS- can still hear this powerhouse voice telling the truth through music so raw and so honest that few singers can compare. She was a master blues singer and a great performer for over 50 years.


Ed McMahon had a very interesting life. He trained as a fighter pilot but the Korean conflict ended before he could be shipped out. He worked in radio and as a pitchman in his early days, eventually landing a gig with a man who would become his best friend, Johnny Carson. -FUPPETS- imagines it would be a most welcome joy to spend 40 years working besides one's best friend, day in and day out, and entertaining the whole of America while doing so. People forget he was the host of Star Search, before the fuckery of American Idol ever came around.


The man was famous for nearly 40 years and ridiculously super world famous for the past 25. It is his fault we are stuck with endless copycat clones trying like hell to dance better than the 30 trained back-up dancers they have in each and every fucking video. Luckily, Off The Wall and Thriller serve as reminders of an untouchable musical genius.


Who cares? Linda Carter as Wonder Woman was way hotter.


The last Houston Oiler draft pick and a gridiron warrior, he was a true throwback to the glory days of the NFL. He played through all manner of injury and always gave his team an opportunity to win.


There are very few true broadcasting legends. Walter Cronkite is one of them. The downfall of television news began with his departure, and has sunk ever lower into an abyss of infotainment, health and human interest stories, and sensationalism disguised as a news broadcast. Mr. Cronkite was a true journalist, and we will never see his like on television again.

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