Jul 8, 2009

Brother Franklin Kicking the Tithing Jams

Some people go to church, and some do not. Some people give money to their church, and some do not tithe at all. Of the ones that do tithe, the ultimate champking is "Brother Franklin" from Houston, TX.
Not only does he do an extended funky number on the way to the collection plate, but he kicks it into full next-level freak-out once his money is delivered. -FUPPETS- wonders what Brother Franklin's been drinking before he hits his church? The lady in the salmon blouse who almost gets clocked by Brother Franklin at the 0:45 second mark does not seem to pleased with his gyrations and acrobatics!
So, if you are one of the many that routinely go in for ritualistic congregation, you have your work cut out for you, for Brother Franklin has set the bar high. I wanna see all you Lakewood Church assholes poppin' and lockin' when the ushers come around to rape your wallet!

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