Jun 19, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XXII

This is the 22nd installment of -FUPPETS- For Readers. Twenty-two is a very interesting number. It is the product of two prime numbers, one odd and one even. The articles contained herein are to be used to feed your mind.

Duck, Duck, Goose : Celebrating deception at the bird carving world championship - ( Jesse Smith - The Smart Set )

The Golden Age Of Conspiracy - ( Nick Cohen - Standpoint )

Sixty Years After 1984: Does Orwell's dystopian classic still matter? - ( Cathy Young - Reason Online )

Why Donald Duck Is the Jerry Lewis of Germany: The cartoon character turns philosophical in translation; quoting Goethe - ( Susan Bernofsky - The Wall Street Journal )

The Last Word: Why old dogs are the best dogs - ( Gene Weingarten - The Week )

Like a hole in the head: The return of trepanation - ( Arran Frood - New Scientist )

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