May 11, 2009

-FUPPETS- Download Of The Day

-FUPPETS- is glad to present the newest album by SYRFox, titled INDAY.
Here is SYRFox himself, describing this album.

Hello all! I've got a new album available, I think it's by far my best work yet. It's 100% electronic, recorded with my uncle Alexandre on his recording material, so it's got a nice sound too. It's called Inday and includes 8 tracks, between electronica, ambient, techno, noisy/drone segues sometimes, etc. The seven first tracks are all segued. Artwork by my friend Paul should come sometimes soon, but it's not there yet.I hope you'll enjoy it!

This is the track list for INDAY

01. PF2 (06:55)
02. Sh64 3n6T (06:19)
03. Aquatic Robots (05:06)
04. Out (05:09)
05. Bridges (08:33)
06. Inday (07:42)
07. Above Shapes (09:42)
08. Locked Crystals (11:10)

You can stream or download the tracks separately on (though I wouldn't recommend streaming them on there, as you will have cuts in between the tracks when they're supposed to be segued):

Or download the whole thing from Rapidshare (RECOMMENDED) :

Get the new shit to space out to this summer. You will not regret it.

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