May 5, 2009

Collected -FUPPETS- Album Covers Of The Week I

These are the first Album Covers Of The Week, gathered here for your enjoyment. Guess the names of all the albums, including artists, by leaving a comment.
Anyone that enjoys these albums will rest fondly forever in -FUPPETS-' cold dead heart. These images were all drawn freehand on MSPAINT.


sozavac said...

nice job on the mudhoney superfuzz bigmuff.

Independent Records said...

superfuzz bigmuff by mudhoney
angel dust by faith no more
today's active lifestyles by polvo
nothing's shocking by jane's addiction
live pcppep by butthole surfers
songs of love and hate by godflesh
minor threat by minor threat
diver down by van halen
collection by misfits
green mind by dinosaur jr.
daydream nation by sonic youth

Rob Instigator said...

Indie records has got it goin on, but I am afraid to say one is incrrect! The Godflesh LP is STREETCLEANER!

Derek said...

now that's talent!