Apr 20, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XIX

Here we are in the 19th edition of -FUPPETS- For Readers. Covering the wide spectrum of the essay world, we aim to bring your mind to interesting ideas, and topics to ponder while you trudge through the horrible morass of your daily drudgery. Yes, your life is tedious and horrid, but there exists a Reading Rainbow, which will help you escape, and allow you to go "twice as high."

Longing for Great Lost Works: from Shakespeare's 'Cardenio' to Ovid's Getic poetry, missing texts hold tantalizing possibilities - ( Stephen Marche - Wall Street Journal )

Supreme Court Justice Stevens Renders an Opinion on Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays - ( Jess Bravin - Wall Street Journal )

The Story Behind The Theft of The Mona Lisa: Picasso and poet Appollinaire were prime suspects when Leonardo da Vinci's best known painting was stolen from the Louvre - ( R.A. Scotti - Times Online )

Neanderthal Rights: The morality of resurrecting our closest evolutionary cousins - ( Ronald Bailey - Reason )

Pressing Questions for Our Century: A talk with A.C. Grayling - ( The Edge )

Forgiveness and Irony: What makes the West strong - ( Roger Scruton - City Journal )

Why Not Boo?: Even when it stings, it beats mindless applause - ( Terry Teachout - Wall Street Journal )

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