Mar 4, 2009

Relive The Magical Sounds of The Video Game Arcade

DANNY HIMSELF, one of well-endowed personages at the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum, has shared a magnificent bit of aural archeology, and it involves the near-deceased video game arcade. Many thanks to DANNY HIMSELF.
Some cities, towns, and malls still have arcades. In Houston, you have to go to some of the older malls like Almeda Mall to find a decent arcade. Needless to say, the sounds have not changed, just the games. The good fellas over at have digitized some old cassette recordings of the ambient sounds inside the arcades. Amazing stuff!
Click here to be transported back to a time when a handful of quarters could get you hours of entertainment (if you were good) or a quick, shameful exit (if you sucked). Ha!

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