Mar 3, 2009

Music from your keyboard, and more, from the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum

Chairman Of The Bored, one of the eminent musicologists at the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum, has shared a link to a webpage that makes your keyboard into a drum machine. Get yr drum on here. Hitting "V" and "N" back to back repeatedly can hypnotize you, for it sounds like a party in George Michael's bathroom.
Not to be outdone, SpectralJulianIsNotDead has posted a link to a website of Harry Partch's instruments. Harry Partch created many instruments to fit the compositions he had written, including the Chromelodeon, which had 43 tones in a single octave. Play the instruments here. You can also hear Mr. Partch describe his instruments and hear pieces of his compositions.
In a slightly different vein, Sonic Youth 37 has posted a link to a pretty kick-ass flash animation of Japanese head-banging drummers called DRUM MACHINE by TokyoPlastic. Click here to enjoy. Some bad-ass shit.

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