Mar 2, 2009


Groucho Marx was one bad motherfucker. With the wit of an anarchic genius and the irreverence of a comedic savant, his career lasted from the vaudeville stage with his family, to some of the earliest "talkies" as part of the Marx Brothers as part of a long film career, to his groundbreaking radio and television shows, You Bet Your Life and Tell It To Groucho.

If you have not seen any of the Marx Brothers films, of which there are 13, then it is worth your while to check out a few of the early ones. Duck Soup, Cocoanuts, and Horse Feathers are some of the best, and carry the most of the anarchic spirit that was evident in their vaudeville act. Here are some clips from the early movies spotlighting Groucho and his smart-ass self.
This clip is from Animal Crackers, "Captain Spalding's Adventures in Africa."

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one of my heros!
and that is one of the greatest scenes...