Mar 12, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XVI

Here are some more articles culled from the morass of the mighty internetmetawebs, for your pleasure. Read, think, ponder, and enjoy. -FUPPETS- would prefer it if you did.

FIRST EVIDENCE OF PLANNED ANIMAL ACTION?: Chimp's Stone Throwing At Zoo Visitors Was 'Premeditated' - ( Science Daily )

ONE WORLD, UNDER GOD: For all the advances and wonders of our global era, Christians, Jews, and Muslims seem ever more locked in mortal combat. But history suggests a happier outcome for the Peoples of the Book. As technological evolution has brought communities, nations, and faiths into closer contact, it is the prophets of tolerance and love that have prospered, along with the religions they represent. Is globalization, in fact, God’s will? - ( Robert Wright - The Atlantic )

BEATEN TO THE PUNCHLINE: Germaine Greer does not think men are the funnier sex. But they are better at banter, innuendo and clowning. So what's holding women back? - ( Germaine Greer - The Guardian )

A NATION OF JAILERS - ( Glenn Loury - CATO Unbound )

DOWN WITH FACEBOOK!: What nobody bothers to mention about the social-networking site is that it's really dull - mind-numbingly dull. - ( Matt Labash - The Weekly Standard )

BORED?: Try doodling to keep the brain on task - ( Alix Spiegel - NPR )

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