Feb 26, 2009

WIRED Magazine Interviews Alan Moore

Adam Rogers of Wired magazine, has interviewed Alan Moore to talk to him about his opus Watchmen, in advance of the movie's release. Here is the link to that interview. Alan Moore has publicly disowned every filmed version of his graphic novels. Sometimes that seems appropriate (the emasculated From Hell, and the terrible adaptation of League Of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen for instance), and sometimes it seems a bit overkill, (the under-rated V For Vendetta and the upcoming Watchmen) but it is his decision to make and -FUPPETS- respects it.
-FUPPETS- always recommends, if you want to see a film based on a novel/book/comic, to read the novel/book/comic FIRST, for the film will never, no matter how great it is, be as rich and intense an experience as the written text source material. However, watching a bad movie adaptation of a literary work will most definitely color and taint your later reading of the source material, if you get around to reading it at all. Now, this Watchmen comic is so dense, so psychologically rich and visually arresting, that it seems impossible to translate that properly into a movie. So much will be lost. So many things which, when added up and take all together, enrich the experience of reading this comic book but which will not make it past the cutting room floor, if they were filmed at all.
One of the stories-within-a-story in the Watchmen (and there are several) is the pirate comic book, Tales Of The Black Freighter, read by one of the secondary characters in the story. This was filmed, but edited out due to the length of the movie. Warner Bros. has announced though, that 5 days after the release of the movie Watchmen, they will be selling a DVD that will include Tales Of The Black Freighter, as well as Under The Hood, a book written by the original Nite Owl in the story. Read about it here. It is a good thing the director of the film has fought for Warner Bros. to release all this material, which will very likely be spliced into the 160 minute movie for a super-deluxe comic-geek extravaganza edition. Yeah!

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