Feb 20, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen?

There are less than two weeks until the opening of the most anticipated movie in years. The Watchmen, a 2+ hour-long, heavy R-rated movie, based on the nearly overwhelmingly dense and fabulous 12-issue comic saga by writer extraordinaire Alan Moore (V For Vendetta, Swamp Thing, From Hell, etc.), understated but immensely detailed and subtle artist Dave Gibbons, and masterful colorist John Higgins, is among the top achievements in the field of illustrated story-telling, which is usually called (derisively by many), comic books.
The long and convoluted story of the making of this film is nearly as involved as the story presented on the pages of this book. Entertainment Weekly is doing a series of covers as a promotional tie-in with the movie. They have published a cool article detailing the impressive build-up to this movie's release. It is very gratifying to read that the director fought to make the movie as true to the source material as possible, preventing the studio executives from dumbing it down or softening the edges to make it a more kid-friendly and marketable PG-13 rating. No way, no how! This movie is slated to receive a very hard R rating, and it should, for the comic is not a children's story. -FUPPETS- is freaking out and cannot wait!!!!!

Here is a photo-gallery, provided by EW.com , which contains images taken by photographer Clay Enos, who followed the production of the movie from the very beginning. His portraits of the Watchmen cast — major players and background actors — have been collected in Watchmen: Portraits, from Titan Books, on sale now.
If you have not yet read the story, -FUPPETS- suggests you head to your local bookstore and buy it, or head to your local library and check out a copy. You will not be disappointed, unless you are looking for some soft-ass Spiderman bullshit.


sozavac said...

man this turkey is gonna be howard the duck part two. in and out of the theaters faster than a lightening bolt.

Rob Instigator said...

that's what all Jonas Bros fans say!

sozavac said...

50,000 people can't be wrong. the jonas brothers: the 3D concert experience opens the week before watchmen and it will dominate the number one spot and destroy your watchmen.