Feb 23, 2009

-FUPPETS- Video Of The Day - MAELSTROM by Lee Ranaldo

blunderbuss, one of the sexy bastards at the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum, has posted a link to a great art/soundscape piece by Sonic Youth guitarist and all-around skronk bad-ass, Lee Ranaldo. The piece is called MAELSTROM FOR THE MORNING LINE. Here is Lee Ranaldo's description of this piece.

Maelstrom is a multichannel soundscape that, - following on the heels of my 2005 DRIFT project in collaboration with Leah Singer, utilizes elements extracted from that work to create a wholly new piece. I have taken some sonic details - tonal clusters created with electronic guitar - from that much larger project and used them as the basis for a sprawling, seemingly static state of guitar bedevilment. While there are many subtle shifts going on within the sound field, the overall effect is meant to be rather sustained, monolithic sonic cloud - indeed, a maelstrom - real brain-eraser type stuff. I intend to erect a series of loud chambers within Matthew Ritchie's work, within one might think silent thoughts.

-FUPPETS- knows that some of us could regularly use some "brain-eraser type stuff," to quote Lee Ranaldo, pictured above.

LEE RANALDO - Maelstrom For The Morning Line, 2008

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