Feb 4, 2009


On April the 18th of this year 2009, Record Store Day will be celebrated by vinyl-heads throughout the land. It is a time to show support to the local independent music purveyor. You know the one I mean, the cramped shelves full of old vinyl, the dudes behind the counter that look like they have half a mind to whup your ass, the nose ring girls buying old 7" singles, all worth celebrating.
-FUPPETS- is planning a massive day-long raid on all the Houston record stores, hopefully to return with a massive stack of music to be savored and loved.

Here is a page where you can find which stores may be participating in this event by where you live.

The stores to be hit on Record Store Day in Houston include

-Cactus Music
-Sound Exchange
-Vinal Edge
-Sig's Lagoon

The excitement mounts! Save your lunch money people, for while it seems far away, April 18th will be here before you know it!
-FUPPETS- hopes to fill in some blank spots in it's SONIC YOUTH collection.

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