Feb 27, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers XIV

Oh the joys of the transfer of information. Feed your brain.

Christopher Hitchens and the Battle of Beirut: Last week Christopher Hitchens and I were attacked in Beirut. Less than 24 hours after we landed at the international airport, a half dozen members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party jumped us on Hamra Street when he defaced one of their signs. - ( Michael J. Totten )

Philosophy's Great Experiment: Philosophers used to combine conceptual reflections with practical experiment. The trendiest new branch of the discipline, known as x-phi, wants to return to those days. Some philosophers don’t like it. - ( David Edmonds/Nigel Warburton - Prospect )

How To Procrastinate Like Leonardo DaVinci - ( W.A. Pannapacker - The Chronicle Review )

Humans Walked On Modern Feet 1.5 Million Years Ago, Fossil Footprints Show - ( Science Daily )

In Tough Times, The Humanities Must Justify Their Worth - ( Patricia Cohen - The New York Times )

What Science and the Modern World Owes To Islam: Book Review - ( Jo Marchant - The New Scientist )

What Drives Some of Us To Suicide?: Finding out what makes certain people commit suicide and others not, could provide new tools for screening patients and providing help before it is too late - ( Robert Pool - The New Scientist )

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