Feb 2, 2009

-FUPPETS- For Readers X

You know that classic Twilight Zone episode where the old crotchety man wishes that everyone was dead so he could be all alone with his books? Then, when every living being on Earth is wiped out except for him, he rejoices too jubilantly and breaks the glasses which allow him to read, upon which he breaks down in despair? BULLSHIT! Hold those books real close to your face! You can read em! Long live reading!

The Descent of Taste: How did our ancestors evolve the instincts to make Art? - ( Anthony Gottlieb - The New York Times )

In Bolivia, Untapped Bounty Meets Nationalism: Underneath the salt flats in Uyuni, Bolivia, lies the world's largest lithium reserves. - ( Simon Romero - The New York Times )

Why Radio Continues To Be Popular - ( Libby Purves - The Telegraph UK )

Stanford Writes In World Smallest Letters - ( Science Daily - Here is a link to a video from Stanford detailing this achievement )

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