Jan 21, 2009

Give It Up & Turn It Loose For Lenticular Clouds

Most of the time, air masses move across each other in a horizontal direction, creating clouds when one air mass passes under or above the other. Sometimes, when the conditions are right, masses of air penetrate upwards into higher masses, creating very distinctive cloud formations. These formations, called Lenticular Clouds, occur when the air is pushed up by mountains or volcanoes. They have a technical name of altocumulus standing lenticularis. They are very beautiful,, and some are so odd that people will call the authorities claiming they have seen a U.F.O. Here are a few lenticular clouds for your enjoyment. If you live near mountains, then keep your eyes peeled, for you may be missing some beautiful clouds. Here is a news blog detailing some lenticular clouds off of Mt. Rainier. (click images to enlarge)

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