Dec 5, 2008

-FUPPETS- Remembers Paul Benedict - R.I.P.

-FUPPETS- has fond memories of watching Sesame Street and catching the Mad Painter, a -FUPPETS- favorite.

At the same time, George and Louise Jefferson's next-door neighbor, Harry Bentley, was also a favorite, especially when he needed George to walk on his back everytime he threw it out.

The AP News reports that Paul Benedict died yesterday at the age of 70.
Here is a clip of the Mad Painter doing his anarchic thing, and influencing several generations of graffitti taggers at the same time.

Here is a clip of the Jefferson's theme song. Check Mr. Jefferson walking on Mr. Bentley's (Paul Benedict's) back at the 0:43 mark.

1 comment:

sozavac said...

i've never heard of the mad painter before today. kinda glad i didn't know about him. it would have ruined the mystique of mr. bentley.

and i can't get enuff of the dance that george does in the clip right before the clip of mr bentley's back.

and was george high on coke when he was dancing on the bed in the middle of the night in the clip towards the end of the song?