Dec 2, 2008

The Beatles "White Album" Turns 40

(Dazedcola, one of the bad mo-fucks over at the Sonic Youth Gossip Forum, gave -FUPPETS- notice about this)

What many rock music fanatics consider the greatest album by the greatest rock band ever turned 40 years old this month. The Beatles self-titled album was a sprawling masterpiece of genres and songs, and contained in it's songs the sounds of music past and the hints of the future sounds to come.
National Public Radio's ALL SONGS CONSIDERED did a story on this album and how it came together. You can hear the audio of this story on that page.

-FUPPETS- heaps mighty praise upon the White Album, especially the sweet posters and pictures that came with the double-vinyl LP version.

In other Beatles news, the Vatican, ever so timely with it's proclamations, has declared that they have forgiven a dead John Lennon for his comment 30+ years ago regarding the Beatles popularity being greater than that of Jesus.

A week ago, an Ebay auction sold off the copy of the White Album numbered 000005. Here is the story. John, Paul, Ringo, and George each snatched the Nos. 1-4 LP's.

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