Nov 14, 2008

Who Watches The Watchmen?

-FUPPETS- has officially creamed their jeans.
The new Watchmen Trailer has been released. The film looks amazing, and is to be around 3 hours long. There is no way they could do true justice to the depth and insanity and storytelling richness of the original book, but the director is a huge fanatic, and did quite a lot with the movie 300, which, if you have read the comic, was actually quite a feat. ENJOY!


dielucky said...

This movie is taking forever to come out. Long time old buddy.

Bob W. said...

I have seen a lot of people, viewing the trailers, complaining about differences between the film and the original comics (ie calling themselves the watchmen, Dr. Manhattan wearing pants). Whenever someone makes a film adaptation of a comic book, I hope they capture the spirit of the characters, and that the film is memorable. If there are minor changes from the comic and the screenplay, I can live with it as long as the film is executed well. I have waited like forever to see this movie, And I am definitely not going to complain if Dr. Manhattan's blue privates are not hanging out for two and a half hours (especially if Rorshach is lighting people on fire and stuff!).

Rob Instigator said...

This movie is indeed taking forever! Alan Moore is all in an uproar about it, but of course he is, and if he was not it would not add to the mystique of the movie. I think that visually it looks wonderful, although of course they will "Hollywood-ize" the thing, like making the retired Nighthawk II not be pudgy overweight, etc.