Nov 14, 2008

Outer Space Piss Drinkin' Is All The Rage

The International Space Station (ISS) will have new additions after tonight's night-time launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The crew aboard the ISS will grow and will be getting two small bedrooms, the station's first refrigerator, new exercise gear, and perhaps most important for a growing crew -- a second toilet.
On top of all this great stuff, the astronauts will be installing a water purifier, which will filter their urine for drinking.

"Other than a faint taste of iodine, it is just as refreshing as any other kind of water."--Bob Bagdigian (NASA)
The goal is to process the urine and the moisture in the air at around 92% efficiency. They expect this to equal about 23 liters (6 gallons) of drinking water every day. Since the Space Shuttle is due to be retired, the folks at NASA had to think of something because ferrying tanks of potable water up to the orbiting ISS is just too costly and prohibitive. The ISS crew complement will now be 6, and for that new sleeping areas and another bathroom seem absolutely necessary!

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