Nov 3, 2008

Neil Armstrong Donates Personal Papers

-FUPPETS- has always held this man in the highest esteem, as well as all the other test-pilots chosen to serve as the U.S.A.'s first astronauts. The first man on the Moon was also the only one packing a camera, a Hasselbladt camera mounted directly onto Mr. Armstrong's space-suit's chest-piece. Because of this there are plenty of shots of "Buzz" Aldrin on the Moon but only a few still images of Mr. Armstrong.

In the image above a tiny Neil Armstrong can be seen in the middle of "Buzz" Aldrin's visor, reflected as he takes a picture of Mr. Aldrin. the following image is a careful close-up of Mr. Aldrin's visor.

In what is the most famous shot in television's short but illustrious history, Neil Armstrong has just stepped on the moon, after uttering his timeless words, "one small step for giant leap for mankind."

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