Nov 24, 2008


Mars has been in the news a lot lately, partly due to the unexpected and overwhelming success of the Mars Rovers, and of the Phoenix Mars Lander. If you know of anyone under 18 that is interested in outer space and space travel and such bad-ass fucking things, take them over to this NASA website,, where they have instructions for kids to write in and suggest names for the new Mars Rover.

Here is an image of the new Rover, yet to be named, as they are placing it in the protective ring which will encapsulate it as it makes it's trip to the planet Mars. (Click image to enlarge)

Once it is inside, they will then take it all apart again, triple-check all the devices, connections, and wiring, and the proceed to put it all back together yet again in time for launch. This exhaustive process is the only way to ensure that every possibility has been checked out, and it allows for multiple redundancies, in case something were to fail. It is the only way to go when you have a project that takes 5-10 years to come to fruition only to fully operate out of the guiding eyes and hands of the people that put it all together. INSANE!

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