Oct 21, 2008

-FUPPETS- Shows You Where To Chill Out

There is a fine art to relaxation. Some people can relax in almost any environment. Others have a very difficult time relaxing even when there is nothing remotely agitating them, or pressing on their minds. The ability to relax is deeply important to the working of the human brain and body.
In order to promote relaxation, and test which methods work best, Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, has created a room specifically designed to be the most relaxing space a human could experience. His research pointed to a space that would be bathed in green light, in which a person would lay down on a lavender scented pillow, and gaze up at an artificially created blue sky. Specifically composed music is played and for 15 minutes, one is immersed in deep relaxation.

The following questionnaire (from Science Daily) helps identify people who might be living life at a pace that exacerbates stress. 5 or more ‘yes’ responses suggest that it might be time to take your foot off the accelerator and chill the fuck out.

1) Do you seem to glance at your watch more than others?
2) When someone takes too long to get to the point, do you feel like hurrying them along?
3) Are you often the first person to finish at mealtimes?
4) When walking along a street, do you often feel frustrated because you are stuck behind others?
5) Would you become irritable if you sit for an hour without doing anything?
6) Do you walk out of restaurants or shops if you encounter even a short queue?
7) If you are caught in slow-moving traffic, do you seem to get more annoyed than other drivers?

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