Oct 31, 2008

-FUPPETS- for Readers

Hoping against hope that some people out there in the internet metawebs still like to gaze at sequences of symbols on a white page, decoding them as the eye scrolls along, and absorbing the conceptual wisdom within, -FUPPETS- brings you a new feature, which will provide links to online articles that are enlightening, funny, thought-provoking, or just plain odd. There really is no reason for anyone to spend more than 2 minutes reading meaningless and mentally draining mindless gossip. Read something for your brain, people! -FUPPETS- is looking out for you.

--Art Spiegelman (author of MAUS) had it right when he called it an art form [comics/art/literature]

--The Big Bounce vs. The Big Bang [astrophysics/cosmology]

--Why So Serious? (How the classical concert took shape) [music/performance]

--In Living Black-and-White (The old classics retain a vitality and beauty that color can’t provide.) [classic films]

--Why Facts Won't Demolish the Conspiracy Theories [conspiratorial thinking/public life]

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